Personal Protection

JC Lane & Associates specializes in personal protection for high profile individuals, celebrities, corporate executive, dignitaries, and VIPs.

Following the devastation of September 11, 2001 and subsequent occurrences within the United States in recent years, the country has woken up to the realization that there is an immediate need to ratchet up security across the board; corporate America has fallen right into line with this urgency.

With the uncertainty of where, when, or how the next terrorist attack could come, top echelon executives realize that their lives and those of their employees could be in jeopardy. When a situation such as stalking, kidnapping, or blackmail threatens, the need for personal protection is paramount.

As the CEO of a major US corporation told Jim, “if something happens to me, the company has a recovery plan. But, if something happens to the entire leadership team, the company would collapse.”

JC Lane & Associates utilizes agents who are capable of adapting to any environment while providing the highest level of protection. This allows our clients to conduct their everyday activities in safe, secure surroundings and without unanticipated interruptions. Our agents have extensive law enforcement and/or military backgrounds and can deal with any situation that arises discretely.

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  • Elected Vice President of the State Police Association of Massachusetts for three consecutive terms.

  • Supervised the investigation and successful prosecution of the multimillion dollar Depositors Trust Bank Robbery.

  • Managed the investigation of more than 150 homicides and several other major crimes within Middlesex County.