Event Security


JC Lane & Associates specializes in providing security planning for any event. Our process is to begin with an onsite pre-inspection of the event venue to ascertain all vulnerabilities of the site. We then develop a detailed security plan for optimum safety, including:
• Risk assessment
• Contingencies for all possible security threats
(ie. site evacuation and shelter in place)
• Explosive device detection
• Technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM)
• Security officers’ strategic posting and scheduling, both static and roving
• Clear, reliable communications
• Safe transportation of key personnel
• Emergency medical services

Once the client approves the security plan, we begin its implementation. Through our national and highly vetted network of dependable security agencies we contract for the specific professional services that support the custom security plan.

Security agents can be armed or unarmed, depending on the threat level and the client’s preference. Liaison is established with local police, fire, and emergency medical response teams. Coordination is developed with venue security personnel to avoid functional confusion or interference. All security personnel are briefed on the need for diligence and discretion.

JC lane & Associates manages the entire security operation from beginning to end; our goal is to make every event participant feel safe, without making them feel like they are under guard. A good security operation is not only effective but also strives not to draw attention to the existence of the level of security in place.

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  • Elected Vice President of the State Police Association of Massachusetts for three consecutive terms.

  • Supervised the investigation and successful prosecution of the multimillion dollar Depositors Trust Bank Robbery.

  • Managed the investigation of more than 150 homicides and several other major crimes within Middlesex County.